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Today Stockgainers is a renowned name in the field of Trader’s community & Stock market. Stockgainers owned by Kapil Verma provide basic and fundamental knowledge of Financial Exchange with the unique and powerful online course. The Live trading facility under Expert observation, numerous workshops and providing courses which makes Stockgainers your investments skillful.



Why Stock Market?

One of the primary benefits of investing in the stock market is the chance to grow your money. Over time, the stock market tends to rise in value, though the prices of individual stocks rise and fall daily. Investments in stable companies that are able to grow tend to make profits for investors. But always remember Stock market is subject to market risks.

Audit Marketing

Stock analysis is the method used by our trainer to examine and evaluate the stock market. It is then used to make informed decisions about buying and selling shares. Stock analysis is based on the idea that by studying market data from the past and present, traders can create a methodology for choosing which stocks to focus on.


What We’re Offering


If you are new to market.This course is for you.This course is regarding to give you basic knowledge of stock market.

Intraday Courses


Millennium Jackpot Course

Biggest Discount Ever (Valid till tomorrow).Offer -3 months membership free for SG premium,Jackpot And options Group



More than 2000 students and followers have an association with the Stockgainers. when we see the smiling faces and reason is Stockgainers, is what we consider as our success. Stockgainers provides easy to learn course to make you expert in stock market.

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What Do Our Clients Say?

"I have recently joined millenium course by you. Following is my feedback
I think joining Millenium course was excellent decision of mine.The way you taught me was have taught our personal strategy by which you are minting money that noone will share.Now I am making money myself on daily basis.
Looking forward was excellent quarter in which i tripple my capital"

Jay Happy Client

"You guys have just been nothing but awesome. The calls provide are accurate and the immediate follow-ups that you do is a commendable job. I have been associated with you for over 6 months now and I refuse to go to any other consulting firm. Each day I hardly spend 1-2hrs in trading, all I need to do is check the channel and place orders and it has worked for me very well expecting at least 3k profit in a day and I have made well above 50k on certain days. The recent crude oil channel has also been keeping me busy after 3:30 only to fetch me more profits. I have also learned the strategies you provide which is a lifetime learning. Overall I feel privileged to be associated with you and will continue to do so. THANKS"

Sharath Babu Happy Client

"The best and only one firm not 90 % but actually 100 % accuracy in all segments. If wanna increase your wealth with less charges and proper learning just join stock gainers BLINDLLY"

Rajeev Jha Happy Client

"Guys I am Danesh and have been trading for more than 2 years and so far made losses only and even tried few tips provider in the past but nothing worked for me. So took break and started learning on my own for sometime with the help of internet which gave some confidence and started trading again, and again start making losses and decided not to trade anymore. Then one day found the telegram link of stock gainers free channel on moneycontrol and started watching it for a month and Taken their millennium course which comes with premium channels subscription. Initially I have made super profits here and again start making losses here too, this time losses occurred due to taken few trades in between on my own. "

Danesh K Happy Client

"Almost three months I have completed with you. I often called you “SG” Team..but in my opinion..its “Soulful Grow”.
Grow with together…that i seemed in your messages.
More than 90 % Accuracy…push to exit before SL…Target steps advised..and moreover your explanation about strategy operated is just marvelous."

Sameer Patel Happy Client


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